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Canapé menu 1

Smoked Haddock and pear on disc with sweet chili
Tuna puffs
Crumbed butterfly prawn with tartar sauce
Mini pancakes with smoked salmon

Onion Jam on buttered baby scones
Trio of dips with crudités
Corn bread squares with ratatouille & crème fraiche
Cucumber canapés
Greek salad cups

Feulette of Frankfurt sausage with sweet mustard
Mini Cheese burger with cherry tomato
Spiced meatballs and chutney
Chipolata in mini rolls
Mini Vetkoek and mince
Twisted sausage rolls
Little cottage pies

Chicken and cheese muffins
Southern chicken wings

Please Select 3 items in each category

Mini lemon tarts
Cinnamon shots
Chocolate fingers

Canapé menu 2

Smoked salmon Roulade on Rye
Smoked haddock fish cakes with tartar sauce
* Battered fish on a chip disc with garlic aioli *
Crumbed butterfly prawn with lemon

Asparagus & marinated mushroom with parmesan mayonnaise in tartlet case
Cucumber cup of lime fennel mousseline, feta and tomato
Roasted butternut an pea puree crostini
Puff pastry pesto treats
Little aromatic couscous salads in crouton
Zucchini slice
Egg plant in coconut batter

Ostrich carpaccio and Amarula cheese on rye bread
Mint marinates Lamb kebabs
Twisted sausage rolls
Little meat pies

Sesame chicken toasties
Spicy hoisin chicken balls
Chicken liver with fig preserve on crostini
Ballotine of chicken and paprika baguette
Curried chicken on rice cake

Please Select 3 items in each category

White and Dark Profiteroles
Mini tart tatins
Mini chocolate brownies

Canapé menu 3

Nigiri – salmon/tuna
Maki rolls – vegetable, tuna, salmon
Fashion sandwiches – tuna/salmon
Hand rolls – vegetarian only
California rolls – crab

Marinates Tiger prawns with light orange dip
Tartar of salmon on croute with Crème fraiche and fried beetroot
Teriyaki salmon in nori
Rice paper rolled prawns
Mini Crab cakes with sweet chili sauce
* Individual fish and chips in newspaper cones *
Shrimp wontons served on chi
Mussels with roast aioli
Smoked salmon and cream cheese spoons

Spicy lentils on crispy pompadums
Grilled polenta topped with courgette and sun dried tomato with basil
Bruschetta with pear and gorgonzola
BBQ bruschetta
Noodle and vegetable rolls
Shot glass gazpacho
Little Greek salads
Nacho bites
Grilled vegetable skewers

Classic steak tartar on Melba toast
Lamb carpachio with aubergene couscous
P Rare roast beef with horseradish cream in mini Yorkshire pudding
Moroccan ostrich on rosemary skewers

Chicken Caesar salad in phyllo cup
Tai green chicken skewers
Chicken rolls
Medley of chicken sandwich on skewer

Please Select 3 items in each of the above categories

Little lemon meringue
Sips of berry cheese cake
Individual carrot cakes
Espresso syllabus served in cup with longe du chat

Please note: Items marked with * will only be available for “on site” functions as these items have to be served immediately once prepared.