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Canape Menu

Please select a minimum variety of 5 items, and a minimum of 7 pieces per person.  Not all items are suited for a “Drop-and-go” service, and may require a chef(s) on site. Minimum number of people to serve (see below for a guideline)

Function duration (as a guideline to order the correct number of items per person):

60 minutes:  – 7 items per person
2 hours:  – 10-12 items per person
3.5 -4.5 hours:  – 15 items per person


Fresh Fruit skewers
Fruit, yoghurt & muesli cups
Savoury scones with grated cheese & tomato
Breakfast quiche
Beef chipolata skewers with roasted tomato & mushroom
Mediterranean frittata
Cocktail French toast with syrup & cream cheese
Cocktail French toast with berry compote & cream cheese
Savoury mini pancakes with bolognaise mince & cheese
Breakfast in a cup *** Requires chef on site

Standard Canapes

Bo-Kaap bobotie balls with mango cream (2 per portion)
Ceasar salad cups
Crostini with rare roast beef, caramelized onion and roasted red pepper & rocket
Lime & coriander infused chicken satay
Spinach & feta phyllo parcels
Roasted vine tomato with basil and feta cheese tartlet (2 per portion)
Open top cocktail beef burger with caramelized onion & rocket
Sundried tomato & goats cheese tartlet (2 per portion)
Falaffel balls with tzatziki (2 per portion)
Chicken fire balls with roasted red pepper & yoghurt (2 per portion)
Cocktail chicken tikka burger with raita

Premium Canapes

Smoked salmon blini with cream cheese & balsamic caviar
Teriyaki Beef satay
Springbok Carpaccio with parmesan shavings rocket & balsamic glaze
Savoury goats cheese cake on olive & rosemary shortbread disk with red onion jam
Mini butternut & oxtail pot pies with beetroot pickle
Smoked rooibos infused beef kebabs
Spicy lamb pot pies with rosemary & apple jelly
Biltong blue cheese & caramelized onion tartlet
Rustic Thai crab cakes with tzatziki (2 per portion)
Tempura Prawns

De Luxe Canapes

Smoked salmon maki
Smoked salmon, or tuna, or prawn California rolls
Lime & chili infused prawn skewers
Double decker smoked salmon blini with cream cheese & balsamic caviar
Grilled prawns with cilantro & Pineapple ice
Blackened fillet of beef squares with salsa verde

Bowl Meals

Mini lasagna bowls
Butter chicken with fragrant rice & vegetable pickle
Beef ragout with baby vegetables & creamy mash
Thai green chicken curry with basmati rice
Fillet of beef with fondant potatoes & salsa verde

Desserts: (Cocktail desserts)

Chocolate eclairs
Red velvet cupcakes with berry cream topping
Lemon meringue
Chocolate ganache with cream and fresh berries
Milk tart phyllo cup
Carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
Assorted truffles
Carrot cake & cream cheese truffle
Chocolate mousse cups

Please note we reserve the right to substitute any menu item(s) due to supplier issues and will notify you at the time of your order.

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