Minimum Staffing Requirements for Social and Corporate Functions

Buffet Service:
1 server per served item
1 runner per buffet
1 floor captain for every 100 guests

Informal Cocktail and finger snack function: (buffet style)
Food service: 1 waiter per 25 guests

Formal Sit Down Dinner (8-10 guests per table)
Budget: - 2 waiters per 3 tables
Standard: - 1 waiter per table
Superior: - 1 waiter per table and 1 runner per 2 tables
1 floor captain per 5 tables

Plated Canapes and Finger Snacks
1 server per 20 guests
1 busser per 25 guests

Beverage Service
1 bartender and 1 barback for every 30 guests

  • One event/function manager will be required for every ten staff members booked to the same function.
  • Transport to and from the venue will be supplied to all staff members and will be for the clients account.
  • Overtime hours are applicable after 24h00 or after a straight 8 hour shift.
  • Accommodation may be required when location is 100km's or more away from Central Cape Town, and in the event that shifts exceed ten hours. Please enquire about rates and procedures prior to confirmation of booking.
  • If special uniforms are requested that may require fittings etc, a pro-rata portion of the normal hourly wage will be applicable.


Runner - R30-00 per hour
Scullery - R30-00 per hour
Barback - R30-00 per hour
Busser - R30-00 per hour
Waiter - R45-00 per hour
Barmen - R55-00 per hour
Cocktail Barmen - R75-00 per hour

Captains - R60-00 per hour
Floor/Event Managers - R70-00 per hour
Maitre'D - R75-00 per hour

Travelling rates for all categories will be the same as the normal hourly rates, unless a flat rate is negotiated on confirmation of booking and prior to departure. Transport cost to be advised at the time of booking.

All prices quoted are Exclusive of 14% Vat.