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Terms & Conditions

1. Confirmation of Booking:
To confirm your booking, a signed copy of the quotation must be received by the offices of Afoodaffair Catering and Events as well as the required deposit.

2. Menu:
The menus attached have been designed according to your specific requirements and/or budget. Should you wish to change/add or delete any item(s) from the list, please indicate your request in writing. Changes received within 7 days of the event may not be possible to accommodate.

3. Final Guest count:
The final number of guests confirmed 7 days prior to the event will be catered and charged for. A higher guest count may be accepted provided this is confirmed in writing by Afoodaffair Catering and Events. A surcharge may be applicable in such instance.

4. Equipment:
All equipment hired in on behalf of the client will remain the responsibility of the client. No items may be removed unless specifically stated in the Catering Contract. Any lost or damaged items will be for the clients account and will be charged at replacement value and not hiring value. Late returns will be charged at the daily rate per day for each day. In the  event that equipment has been booked out to another client before the return, Afoodaffair Catering and Events will hire in from alternative suppliers and these charges will be for your account.

5. Set up:
Set up of equipment (tables and chairs and table setting etc) is not included in the menu price. Should you require this service, please ensure that you book this service and confirm the fees timeously with the office. If full- or half day
conferences are booked, standard buffet set up is included at no charge to the client. “Drop-and-go” services does not
include staff, set up or service or any buffet service gear.

6. Delivery and Collection:
Delivery and collection charges will vary from one location to the next and from one supplier to the other. Please ensure that you are aware of the exact delivery and collection procedures and charges. Some suppliers may levy an overtime rate for collections and/or deliveries outside of normal business hours. Please confirm the times for delivery and collection when you confirm your booking.

7. Responsibility:
Afoodaffair Catering and Events do not accept any liability or responsibility where other parties have intervened and/or tampered with their work, once completed.

8. Authority & Acceptance:
The signatures affixed below, agree to accept the terms and conditions stated in this document, and hereby warrant that the undersigned person(s) is/are authorized and appointed agents.

9. Service Staff:
We understand the demands of planning an event, therefore we offer our specialised value-added services to ensure that your event is the “talk of the town” and that every part of the event is taken care of.

A Chef on site is required when you select to have a plated meal, hot canapes or any menu that requires that additional special touch. The chef and kitchen team will arrive on site between 90 minutes to 2 hours prior to the guest arrival to prepare and get the kitchen area set up (Number of guests, venue and final menu selection will determine the time required for preparation and set up). This service adds a very personal touch and allows us to serve our delicious meals at the right temperature and with all the right trimmings. Kitchen Staff are generally booked to assist a Chef-on-site and assist with some food preparation, washing up of crockery etc. The number of kitchen assistants required will depend on the complexity of the menu as well as the number of guests.

When waiters are booked, we take into consideration the time required prior to your event to get ready for the event, as well as the time afterwards when all the guests have left, to pack up and tidy up. We generally allow between 45 – 90 minutes before and after an event to take care of set up and clear away. The minimum shift is 4 hours during winter and 5 hours during summer. The hourly rate quoted will be charged for each hour (or part thereof) booked, as well as all additional hours that may be required by the client. Overtime rates will apply for shifts that exceed 8 hours.

10. Cancellation Policy:
We make every effort to accommodate all our clients and their individual requests, and we pride ourselves in the quality  of our service and our products. This may mean that one event is declined by Afoodaffair Catering and Events to accommodate another client/event. Because of this aspect, as well as all the logistics behind planning and preparing for a  function, we will raise cancellation invoices as follows:

0-21 days prior to the event – 100% of the total function invoice will be charged;

22-35 days prior to the event – 75 % of the total function invoice will be charged;

36-45 days prior to the event – 50% of the total function invoice will be charged.

46-55 days prior to the event – 25% of the total function invoice will be charged.

Where possible, Afoodaffair Catering and Events may allow reasonable “change of date” (within the same month) for a corporate event, but please request details from the office in writing to confirm such changes. Change of date may incur surcharges due to logistics and/or supplier adjustments.

11. Payments:
On confirmation of your booking with Afoodaffair Catering and Events, a deposit of 75% is required of the total event
invoice. If your function takes place within 14 days of this confirmation, full payment is required. Manufacturing and/or preparation of any kind will not commence until all due payments have been received by Afoodaffair Catering and Events. Please take note of clearance periods as money will only be deemed paid when received in the bank account of Afoodaffair Catering and Events.

12. Increases on prices:
Please note that whilst we endeavour to maintain our agreed pricing structure to you, we reserve the right to change
prices due to economic demands.

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